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We would like to hear your input for improvements. Please send this to NOBB-VAVVS.


The test solutions are restored with data from PROD night to Monday


In Swagger, you will find an overview of available versions of the API and further details about what functions are in these.
NOTE! Always use the latest version of the API. Older versions of the API may eventually be discontinued, but this will be notified on an ongoing basis.

Swagger has been added to the following addresses:

NOTE! Log in with your API user to access the swagger pages on the pages first.

Catalogue definitions

Here you will find lists of all fields, lookup lists and rules that are in the databases:

NOTE! Log in with a user who has API access and enter the following addresses in the browser:

Per­manen­t links to pro­duct fi­les

An example of such a link is:

The system follows the following template: /produkt/<produktnr>/<feltnavn for nedlasting>




Main picture






See the catalogue definition to find field names for all downloads contained in the solution.


Authentication is done for the time being with BASIC authentication. Security and encryption here are taken care of by the transport layer (HTTPS).


Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpPcGVuU2VzYW1l

More information here:

NOTE! NOBB-VAVVS creates API users who are given special access to the system with which you must log in.

Error codes

In the event of a validation error in the API, HTTP result code 422 is returned, with the following JSON structure:


  "Error" : "beskrivende feilmelding her",    
  "Code" : 123
  • Error - Feilmelding

  • Code - Feilmeldingskode


All API users are encouraged to run at night between 02:00 and 06:00 (Norwegian time). The throttling will then have a less restrictive setup.

NOTE! In case of error code 429 - then the API calls must wait and run again. See further information in the headers.

Endpoints with throttling transmitter with headers with info about this:

x-rate-limit-limit: 1sx-rate-limit-remaining: 4x-rate-limit-reset: 2020-06-08T13:58:10.7711830Z

If the API throttles then sent with header:

retry-after: 1

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