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Typical usage patterns

The Nobb Kontrakt API provide data about contract discount elements which is populated with precision data.

  • The typical use is to query a lower number (<10 suppliers, <20 NOBB numbers) for this information.

  • The token in relation to authentication thus has a limited time-span for performance and security reasons.

Main overview of the endpoints and their purpose:

Get prices

When there are several price-conditions on a given item, the correct price-conditions is collected automatically, based on the information which is registered in an order/request.

Demands that the contract has a green check mark in Nobb Kontract client and is registered correctly.

Fetches exact purchase prices directly from NOBB Kontrakt, the prices are calculated on the fly upon query

The correct price-condition is selected by the system by:
Quantity discount (kvantumsrabatt)

Delivery type (Leveringstype)

Zone discount (Sonerabatt)

Package discount (Forpakningsrabatt)

Get contracts

This endpoint provide the user’s contracts, including price-conditions and net-prices, for seamless integration into their own systems.
The response also include the new fields for price-conditions, which gives increased precision. Previously the description of a price-condition would be done through a text-field, with the new fields, the suppliers can specify the condition in a more clear and precise manner.

Get zones

If the supplier has started to use the new field for zones as part of their price-conditions, the zones can be part of the response when fetching contracts. The zone-register contain postal-number areas. The zone register for one or more suppliers can be fetched by calling this endpoint and thus used further when fetching contracts.

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