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Migration to version 2

Version 2 of the API introduced the following changes:

  • V2 endpoints will only deliver JSON data, so the format parameter is removed.

  • The POST /items/search endpoint now also accepts a list of NRF numbers, in addition to NOBB numbers and GTIN.

  • The GET/POST /items endpoints now include the following new fields in the response:

    • nrfNumber: the item’s NRF-number

    • elNumber: the item’s EL-number in the EFO database

    • vvsNumber: The item’s VVS number in the Danish VVS database

    • lviNumber: the item’s LVI number in the Finnish LVI database

    • rskNumber: the item’s RSK number in the Swedish RSK database

    • dimension: description of the item’s measurements and sizes

    • keyword: search keyword

    • replacesNobbNumbers: array of NOBB numbers that the item will replace

  • The GET/POST /items endpoints now accept an optional parameter, etimRelease, that can be set to specify preferred release for ETIM properties in the response. Valid values are 8, 9, and DYNAMIC. The default value is 8.

  • The GET/POST /items endpoints now accept an optional parameter, channels, that currently can be set to either TOTAL or VAVVS. Set this parameter to TOTAL to get only items published to the NOBB TOTAL channel, or to VAVVS to get only items published to the NOBB VAVVS channel. If this parameter is not specified, items for all channels will be included in the response.

  • The GET/POST /items endpoints now support paging, to split large results into more manageable pages. More details here.

  • The /productgroups endpoint now has an optional parameter to include expired product groups. By default, expired product groups will not be included in the response. The response will include a new field active, that can be either true or false.

  • New endpoints has been added to support exporting items and prices based on a saved search, defined on

    • GET /items/savedsearches/{searchName}

    • GET /prices/savedsearches/{searchName}

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