The old Mediabank REST service, hosted under, will reach its end of life on July 1st 2022.

This service delivers NOBB media (images and documents) and our export services have previously returned Mediabank URLs for images. Some of your customers have thus stored Mediabank URLs for images and documents in their systems. These URLs need to be converted to new URLs prior to the service being retired.

In order to convert the URLs, use the endpoint /api/v1/media/converter in NOBB Export. This endpoint can be used unauthenticated, and it’s simple to use. Just pass in the Mediabank URL to the method, and it will return an updated URL to the resource. In case the resource does not exist, a 404 will be returned.

Please note that this should be done as a one-time job in your systems, as this endpoint will also be shut down with the end of life for Mediabank REST.